Os 100 Verbos Mais Comuns da Língua Inglesa

01 mar

           Inglês                       Português                                      Exemplo
01 arrive – arrived              chegar                               What time did you arrive there?
02 ask – asked                 pedir, perguntar                      Why don’t you ask your father?
03 be – was / were             ser, estar                           I want to be your friend.
04 begin – began                começar, iniciar                   When did it all begin?
05 break – broke                quebrar                               Don’t break my heart.
06 bring – brought                trazer                         Can you please bring me a glass?
07 buy – bought                  comprar                           Wheredid you buy your car?
08 call – called                  chamar, telefonar                        Call me later, please.
09 can – could                   poder                                         Can I help you?
10 choose – chose            escolher                                    Choose the right.

11 clean – cleaned            limpar                                       It’s not very clean.
12 close – closed              fechar                                   Close the door, please.
13 come – came                vir                                       Could you come earlier?
14 cook – cooked              cozinhar                             Do you know how to cook?
15 cry – cried                    chorar                                 Why was she crying again?
16 cut – cut                       cortar                                  How did he cut his hand?
17 dance – danced             dançar                              Do you know how to dance?
18 date – dated                  namorar                              Are you dating him?
19 depend – (ed)                depender                          Do you depend on your parents?
20 die – died                      morrer                                 When did your grandfather die?

21 do – did                        fazer                                     What do you do?
22 dream–dreamed            sonhar                                   Did you sleep well?
23 drink – drank                tomar, beber                             Do you drink beer?
24 drive – drove                  dirigir                                   Do you know how to drive?
25 eat – ate                       comer                                            Let’s eat!
26 fall – fell                         cair                                        How could he fall?
27 feel – felt                       sentir                               Are you feeling better now?
28 find – found                   achar, encontrar                    I need to find a better job!
29 finish – finished             acabar, terminar                        Let’s finish it now?
30 fly – flew                         voar                                       She is always flying.

31 follow – followed             seguir                                  Follow me as I follow Him.
32 forget – forgot               esquecer                             I will never forget that morning…
33 get – got                      conseguir, obter                           Is he getting fat again?
34 get up – got up              levantar                               What time do you usually get up?
35 give – gave                    dar, doar                                   Give me your hand.
36 go – went                       ir                                          Where do you want to go tonight?
37 grow – grew                  crescer, cultivar                           Everybody needs to grow.
38 have – had                     ter                                                Once I had a dream.
39 hear – heard                 escutar, ouvir                               Can you hear me?
40 help – helped                 ajudar, socorrer                            Help me, please!

41 hope – hoped                 esperar (ter esperança)             I hope you get this job.
42 jump – jumped               pular, saltar                               Let’s jump together!
43 keep – kept                   guardar, manter                              Keep the change.
44 kiss – kissed                beijar                                      Let’s just kiss and say goodbye.
45 know – knew                 conhecer, saber                           Did you know my father?
46 learn – learned              aprender                                      I want to learn Portuguese!
47 leave – left                   sair, deixar, partir                              Don’t leave me alone!
48 lend – lent                     emprestar                              Can you lend me some money?
49 let – let                         deixar, permitir                                   Let me try again.
50 like – liked                     gostar                                           Do you like your work?

51 listen – listened              ouvir, escutar                           Are you listening to me?
52 live – lived                     viver/ morar                                     Where do you live?
53 look – looked                 olhar, ver                                            Look at me now.
54 lose – lost                      perder                                        I lost my wallet yesterday.
55 love – loved                    amar                                                 I love you.
56 make – made                 fazer                                         I can’t make it all alone…
57 marry – married              casar                                      When did you get married?
58 meet – met                     encontrar, conhecer                      Nice to meet you.
59 miss – missed                perder, sentir falta                      Why did you miss the last class?
60 need – needed                 precisar                                     Call me if you need some help.

61 open – opened               abrir                                         What time does it open?
62 pay – paid                      pagar                                       Who is going to pay for it?
63 play – played                  jogar, tocar                              Let’s play this afternoon again?
64 prefer – (ed)                   preferir                                         I prefer to live on my own.
65 put – put                         pôr, colocar                            Put your hand in the hand of God.
66 read – read                      ler                                                 Do you like to read?
67 receive – (ed)                  receber                                      How much did you receive?
68 remember (ed)                 lembrar                                   I can’t remember his last name…
69 run – ran                         correr                                                Let’s run away!
70 say – said                       dizer                                               What did you say?

71 see – saw                    ver                                                   I can’t see you anymore…
72 sell – sold                  vender                                          Do you want to sell your house?
73 send – sent                 mandar, enviar                                       Send her flowers!
74 sing – sang                 cantar, cantarolar                           Do you sing in the bathroom?
75 sit – sat                      sentar (se)                                             Sit down, please.
76 sleep – slept               dormir                                            Did you sleep well last night?
77 speak – spoke             falar                                                  Do you speak English?
78 spell – spelt                soletrar                                        How do you spell your name?
79 spend – spent              gastar, despender                         How much can you spend?
80 start – started             começar, iniciar                            What time did the show start?

81 stay – stayed                ficar                                               Stay by my side.
82 stop – stopped             parar                                         Why didn’t you stop them?
83 study – studied            estudar                                      When did you study there?
84 take – took                  pegar, levar                                     Let’s take the next bus!
85 talk – talked                 falar, conversar                             I don’t want to talk about it.
86 tell – told                      contar, dizer                             Why don’t you tell your mother?
87 there is – are                 haver, existir, ter                         There is a place for everyone…
88 think – thought                pensar, achar                          What do you think about it?
89 travel – traveled               viajar                                            Did you travel last year?
90 turn – turned                   virar                                                    Turn right, please.

91 understand – ood           entender                                       I don’t understand your father.
92 visit – visited                    visitar                                        Would you like to visit her today?
93 wait – waited                    esperar                                            Wait a moment, please.
94 wake up – woke up            acordar, despertar                   What time did you wake up?
95 walk – walked                   andar, caminhar                         You need to walk daily.
96 want – wanted                 querer                                                 I don’t want it anymore.
97 wash – washed                lavar                                               Wash your hands before eating.
98 watch – watched            assistir                                             Did you watch TV last night?
99 work – worked              trabalhar, funcionar                               Are you working there yet?
100 write – wrote                 escrever                                              Do you prefer to write or to read?

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