Interpretação de textos I

25 mar

 TEXTO I: A thief on the bus

        Mr. Smith gave his wife ten pounds for her birthday – ten pretty pound notes. So two days later Mrs. Smith went shopping. She looked out for a taxi but as one did not appear soon, she joined a long line at the bus stop. When the bus arrived, she got on and sat down next to an old lady. After a while, she noticed that the old lady`s handbag was open. Inside it, she saw a roll of pound notes exactly like the ones her husband had given her. So she quickly looked into her own bag – the notes had gone! Mr. Smith was sure that the old lady had stolen them. She thought she would have to call the police, but, as she disliked making a scene and getting people into trouble, she decided to take back the money from the old lady`s handbag and say nothing more about it. She looked round the bus to make sure nobody was watching, then she carefully put her hand into the old lady`s bag, took the notes and put them in her own bag.

When she got home that evening, she showed her husband the beautiful hat she had bought.

“How did you pay it, dear?” he asked.

“With the money you gave me for my birthday, of course,” she replied.

“Oh? What`s that then?” he asked, as he pointed to a roll of one pound notes on the table.

Mrs. Smith looked in astonishment at the money and fell to the floor in a faint.

Choose the option that best completes the following statements.

1- Mr. Smith gave his wife:

a) A few pounds for the weekly shopping.
b) A sum of money for their wedding anniversary.
c) Some pretty notes for their son`s birthday.
d) Some money for her birthday.

2- Waiting at her bus stop, there were:

a) Few people.
b) A lot of people.
c) Some old ladies.
d) Not reported.

3- On the bus, Mrs. Smith sat:

a) Near the woman conductor.
b) Behind and old woman.
c) Next to a policeman.
d) Beside an old woman.

4- She became suspicious when she saw:

a) Some money in her fellow-passenger`s open bag.
b) The old lady looking at her handbag.
c)  A woman trying to open her bag.
d)  A roll of one pound notes in the lady`s bag.

5- Mrs. Smith thought the passenger next to her:

a) Had called the police.
b) Would make a scene.
c) Had taken her money.
d) Would get her into trouble.

6- Mrs. Smith looked round to see if:

a) The police were coming.
b) The woman had put back the notes.
c) Anyone was looking at her.
d) The money was still in the bag.

7- She decided not to say anything about the money because:

a) She was not sure the woman had taken it.
b) She was afraid of being arrested.
c) She felt sorry for the young woman sitting next to her.
d) She didn`t want to cause trouble by complaining loudly.

8- Her husband wanted to know:

a) How she had bought the hat.
b) If the hat had been expensive.
c) How much she had paid for the hat.
d) Why she had paid ten pounds for the hat.

TEXTO II : Good for the heart?

That`s the conclusion of a recent study that claims that caffeine can have positive effects on one`s coronary health. Women who drank more than three cups of coffee a day were seven to nine percent less likely to have high blood pressure than those abstaining from caffeine. ( SPEAK UP, São Paulo: Editora Peixes, ano XIX, n228, May, 2006, p.45 – with adaptions)

1- De acordo com o texto, a pesquisa defende que:

a) O café faz bem somente às mulheres.
b) O café faz bem ao coração.
c)  O café deve ser evitado por quem tem pressão alta.
d) O café deve ser tomado em, no máximo, três xícaras diárias.

2- Segundo o texto, pode-se afirmar que:

a) A pesquisa constatou que as mulheres que não faziam uso de café apresentaram pressão normal.
b) A pesquisa foi realizada com mulheres que faziam uso de café e com aquelas que não o usavam.
c)  A pesquisa apontou motivos relevantes para que as pessoas se abstenham de cafeína.
d) A pesquisa lançou dúvidas sobre o fato de o café fazer bem à saúde.

TEXTO III Read the text carefully and then choose the alternative which correctly completes the following statements.

Einstein`s mental chalkboard

     Albert Einstein`s image is everywhere, adorning posters in college dorms, advertisements on the Web, T-shirts and coffee mugs. Time magazine pointed him Person of the Century, and just about anyone can cite his most famous equation. For all this brand recognition, though, it`s safe to say that comparatively few people know what Einstein`s theories of relativity actually describe. In Einstein`s Cosmos: How Albert Einstein`s Vision Transformed Our Understanding of Space and Time (Norton, $23), City University of New York physicist and accomplished science writer Michio Kaku skims through the biographical and anecdotal details of the great scientist`s life – topics exhaustively covered in Einstein`s numerous biographies – and focuses instead on how he thought.

More specifically, Kaku explores the visual metaphors Einstein used while devising the special and general theories of relativity. In doing so, Kaku enables the reader to see and think as Einstein did, leading us to a simple, more complete understanding of several of the most important scientific ideas of our time. GREGORY MONE.  (Popular Science, May, 2004.)

1- The author of this text is:

a) Michio Kaku.
b) Albert Einstein.
c) Gregory Mone.
d) Popular Science.

2- In the text, Einstein`s popularity is contrasted with the number of people who:

a) Recognize the scientist`s image.
b) Can cite his famous equation.
c) Identify him as Person of the Century.
d) Understand his theories well enough.

3- The book reviewed concentrates mostly on the scientist`s:

a) Thinking processes.
b) Life and achievement.
c)  Metaphorical theories.
d) Visual relativity.

4- The word did (line 18) refers to:

a) See and think.
b) Do and enable.
c) Explore and devise.
d) Use and lead.
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